Education & Training

Initial Offerings – Interactive Classes and Workshops that prepare people to bring the following home to their teams:

  1. New View Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced Skills Development Initially Focused on Operational Safety
  2. Relational Leadership Processes and Effective Organizational Learning Tools
  3. Human Performance Optimization Beyond Safety Enterprise-Wide

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Humble Consulting & Collaboration

Follow-Though Offerings – Co-creation of knowledge at site locations collaborating with teams during normal work through the following 7 Action Learning areas:

  1. Appreciative Inquiry 4-D Facilitated Learning
  2. Relational & Appreciative Leadership
  3. Human Factors & Systems Safety Processes
  4. Learning Team Skills Practice on Event Learning
  5. Action Learning in Exercises, Simulations & Drills
  6. Practical High Reliability Organizing Processes
  7. Practical Integration of Resilience Engineering

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Continuous Improvement

Long-term Offerings – Collaboration with clients on the following:

  1. Growth Towards Self-Sufficiency
  2. Emotional and Social Intelligence Development
  3. Voluntary “Future-Forming” Action Research Participation

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Start Thinking Again

Begin Learning and Become Inspired

We are inspired by the quote: “We imagine a world in which the vast majority of people return home each day feeling fulfilled by the work they do. Inspire people to do the things that inspire them and, together, we can change our world.” Simon Sinek

That all sounds great but how can I get started? Simon talks about discovering our “Why” and then build from that premise. We draw upon Simon’s teachings as well as the wisdom of many others from literally all around the world, as well as our own learnings.

We offer ideas and knowledge gained from multiple industries that are practical for the novice, beginner, and advanced practitioner. Concepts are introduced and then illustrated by examples from a wide variety of disciplines, backed up by decades of research, and commented on by “real world” users like you!

We Challenge Traditional Thinking

We help people to see how we arrived to our current situation and understand that there are alternative futures. Our “New View”  immediately ties into human performance fundamentals relevant to any organization.

We initially focus on Operational Safety as the context for making “New View” concepts real and valuable. We challenge traditional approaches and beliefs that people are problems to control and offer the alternative that our people are really very important resources to harness!

You may already be using a few Relational Leadership Processes. We help you to recognize them where they exist and help you build on those strengths. We share many more effective organizational learning tools that you can consider, try, and adapt to your work unit, company, or organization. They are effective beyond work and are able to enhance life with others  in most any community efforts!

Human Performance Optimization is a way of co-creating new realities with other people beyond safety at work to enterprise-wide increases in quality, production, and collaboration in almost every facet of life!

Dysfunctional Momentum

Next Steps…

Let’s start a conversation. We’re sure it will be interesting. Let’s just talk about what you’re interested in. No judgement, criticism, or push back. Only listening mainly to what you believe is important.  We start with listening to your answers to our positive questions like, “How did you come to really love what you do most of the time?”


Let’s Talk!