David Christenson, Results-Oriented Leadership Development
David A. Christenson, MA, MS, Ph.D. Candidate


David Christenson, O4R CEO, has specialized in the co-creation of results that make a difference:

  • Lessons Learned Centers that are results-oriented – where real learning leads to new beliefs and behaviors
    (i.e. U.S. Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center… Learn about how it was created!)
  • High Reliability Organizing processes implementation
    (i.e. National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute instruction and certification of Type-1 and 2 Incident Management Team’s Command & General Staffs)

He has been an invited speaker giving presentations in Spain, Greece, Sweden, Norway, France, Australia, and Slovenia in addition to all regions of the USA on these topics.

Project Results:

(2015- Present)

Relational Leadership Development
Case Studies for an international Ph.D. research project in progress with the USDA Forest Service Human Performance & Innovation and Organizational Learning Research, Development, & Applications (HP&IOL RD&As) Relational Leadership Module


Completed projects with US and European structural fire departments on results-oriented leadership development:
(Northwest and Golder Ranch Fire Districts certification course design & development for Battalion Chiefs)

US electrical power generation plants on organizational learning through After Action Reviews (AAR) and Simulation, Drills and Exercises design & development


Collaborated with Falck Nutec of Norway on expanding crisis management training for oil & gas producers beyond initial response to large and enduring crisis events through Incident Management Systems (IMS)

Trained French firefighters on the Incident Command System (ICS) and High Reliability Organizing processes prior to the Tour de France on the Island of Corsica.


David co-created the interagency U.S. Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (LLC) at the National Advanced Fire & Resources Institute. He focused on developing results-oriented organizational learning, high reliability organizing, and beginning a widely used knowledge management system for his nation’s interagency 300,000-member firefighter community. (The rest of the story!)

David also served as a technical specialist on these subjects coaching national and regional incident management team (IMT) leaders during their wildfire and non-fire events at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Results From Education & Training

2012 MS in Human Factors and Systems Safety from Lund University, Lund, Sweden after studying under Prof. Sidney Dekker and being mentored by Ivan Pupulidy, Ph.D., created a deeper understanding of the “New View.”

Long-term association with Todd Conklin, Ph.D. over the last decade + helped David ask better questions and question his assumptions. Todd’s Pre-Accident Investigation Podcast with Dave
Face-to-face discussions with Erik Hollnagel, Ph.D., and Ron Gantt, refined David’s Safety II, Safety Differently approach. Personal training with Bob Edwards enabled practical Learning Team implementations. Professional associations with Dr.’s Karl Weick, Kathleen Sutcliffe, Karleen Roberts, Rear Admiral Tom Mercer and Dr. Daved van Stralen in the early years, combined to build a foundation and an understanding of High Reliability Organizing principles. Continuing to work with Beth Lay, ME insured practical applications of David Woods, Ph.D., Resilience Engineering practices. Many more guided through their writings adding to David’s education and training over the last two decades. Too many to list here.