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Improve Relationships C0-Constructing a Resilient Future

We help people build the “New View of Human & Organization Performance” throughout all facets of their organizations. Human & Organization Performance is relational and how we interact matters!

The 5 Principles of Human Performance

Todd Conklin, Ph.D., The 5 Principles of Human Performance: A Contemporary Update of the Building Blocks of Human Performance for the New View of Safety, 2019, (Through the lens of “Safety Differently”)

  1. Error is normal. Even the best people make mistakes.
  2. Blame fixes nothing.
  3. Learning and improving are vital. Learning is deliberate.
  4. Context influences behavior. Systems drive outcomes.
  5. How you respond to failure matters. How leaders act and respond counts.

The “New View”

“It begins with talking about things differently, with using a different language, taking a different perspective.”
Sidney Dekker, Ph.D. The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error, 3rd Edition

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Relational Leadership

Dialogue is essential to the success of any organization. “Leading effective dialogue while facing today’s challenges is crucial to success and sustainability. The organization today is not a machine, but a confluence of continuous movement – a flowing together of multiple voices requiring new leadership processes skilled at continuous coordination.”
Lone Hersted and Ken Gergen, Ph.D., Relational Leading: Practices for Dialogically Based Collaboration, 2013

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Resilience is “the ability to succeed under varying conditions…the ability to respond to events, to monitor ongoing developments, to anticipate future threats and opportunities, and to learn from past failures and successes alike.”
Erik Hollnagel, Ph.D. Resilience Engineering in Practice, 2011.

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