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We are different from many change agents. Instead of the common deficit approach, we use several positive ways of co-creating conditions for success. For example, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) generates several essential conditions that together liberate personal and organizational power where people are permanently transformed.

People are free to be known in relationship with others beyond their roles or titles, as real human beings. Depersonalization is interrupted. People begin to know each other as unique individuals and as part of the web of relationships.

Organizations become psychologically safe place places where people can dream and share  those dreams in dialogue with one another. AI makes a space where people are free to be heard, recognized and valued. They are listened to with sincere curiosity, empathy, and compassion in ways that bridge barriers and bring new groups to life.

People choose to contribute and act with support. AI opens the way for people to be positive. Collective currents of negativity are often common where deficit discourse spews complaining, criticism, blaming, suspicion  and anger. AI gives people permission to feel positive and be proud of their working environments.

AI creates a self-perpetuating momentum for positive change.

Wildfire Threatening HomeOur Story

We have had careers working with firefighters, law enforcement officers, and interagency incident management teams that respond to large size and enduring crisis situations around the globe. We have helped large organizations move from their traditions to embrace new, more effective learning. We have served responders with an emphasis on caring for their mental well-being as well as physical health. Generating hope for a better future beyond command and control autocratic styles is often a very real need everywhere we work.



David Christenson
David Christenson, MA, MSc, Ph.D. Candidate, Founder and CEO Christenson & Associates, LLC

(2014 – ) David is currently consulting on the integration of the “New View” with Human & Organization Performance Optimization, Operational Safety, Organizational Learning and Risk Management, Resilience Engineering, and High Reliability Organizing. He has been an invited speaker with presentations in Spain, Greece, Sweden, Norway, France, Australia, and Slovenia in addition to all regions of the U.S. on these subjects.

As a consultant, David has worked with Falck Nutec of Norway on crisis management for oil & gas producers, US and European structural and wildland fire departments on leadership development, and US electrical power generation plants on organizational learning. He specializes in high reliability organizing, systems safety, and appreciative leadership development.

David is researching Relational Leadership and Social Constructionism as a Ph.D. Candidate with the Taos Institute in the USA.

(2002-2014) Formerly the Assistant Center Manager of the U.S. Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (LLC) at the National Advanced Fire & Resources Institute, he focused on developing organizational learning, high reliability organizing, and beginning a widely used knowledge management system for his nation’s interagency 300,000 member wildland fire community. He served as a technical specialist on these subjects coaching national and regional incident management team (IMT) leaders during their wildfire and non-fire events at the local, regional, national and international levels.


Dr. Marc Otten
Dr. Marc Otten, Dutch HRO Specialist
Shawn Benjamin
Shawn Benjamin, Owner V191 & Associates, Social Media Expert
Dr. Renaud Vidal
Dr. Renaud VIDAL, French HRO Specialist

Captain Marien Setti
Captain Marien SETTI, N. Corsica Fire Dept.
Commander Christophe Fereson
Commander Christophe FRERSON, French Incident Management Specialist
Marc Rounsaville, Bluejack Consulting
Marc Rounsaville, Bluejack Consulting, ICS Specialist
Corsican Fire Department Training
Bob Orrill, ICS Training, Bastia, Corsica
Corsican Fire Department Training
Marc Rounsaville and Dr. Renaud VIDAL working with French Firefighters on Incident Command System training in Bastia, Corsica
Dr. Renaud Vidal, ICS & HRO Training, Bastia, Corsica
Dr. Renaud VIDAL, with Bob and Marc, ICS & HRO Training, Bastia, Corsica
Shawn Benjamin, ICS Instructor, Bergen, Norway
Shawn Benjamin, ICS Instructor, with Dave and Marc, Bergen, Norway

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